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Art & Dance Class in the RHA with the Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut, Famous Seamus and Seantastic, pictured at the launch of Ribena Frusion Art Infusions, a unique painting class infused with dance, hosted by the Lords of Strut. Grab your ticket

The charismatic comedy duo will host a painting class – through the medium of dance.

Britain’s Got Talent stars Lords of Strut are teaming up with Ribena Frusion, Ribena’s fruit-infused blackcurrant water, to announce the launch of Ribena Frusion Art Infusions – an art class infused with some unexpected feel-good fun. Lords of Strut dance duo, Famous Seamus and Seantastic, will host this unique painting class infused with dance at the RHA on February 27th.

A limited number of tickets to the once-in-a-lifetime, two-hour class, hosted by Lords of Strut, are available to purchase for €5 on Eventbrite now With the recent growth in the demand for unconventional feel-good events like Painting and Pottery events, Bingo Loco and Drag Brunch, tickets for Ribena Frusion Art Infusions are expected to sell out fast.

Budding artists who take the class will also be treated to a taste of Ribena Frusion – a refreshing and delicate blackcurrant water, naturally infused with real fruits. Ribena has used its 80 years of ‘Blackcurrant Artistry’ to create a feel-good thirst-quencher with the added taste of blueberries bringing a refreshingly fruity taste, that contains no sweeteners, is low in calories, and rich in the antioxidant Vitamin C which helps protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Speaking in anticipation of the event, Famous Seamus and Seantastic from Lords of Strut, said: “We are excited to fuse the art of dance with the art of art, partnering with Ribena Frusion.  We un-berry-lievably hadn’t painted before. Inspired by Ribena Frusion’s blackcurrant artistry – I, Seantastic, decided to paint Famous Seamus, like one of those french girls Leo DiCaprio knew, as he was lounging in the park enjoying some Ribena Frusion with blueberries. It may be the start of a new career for the both of us.”

Speaking about the launch of Ribena Frusion Art Infusions, Michelle Darlington, Marketing Manager Ribena and Orangina, said: “Ribena Frusion is made ‘For Water Lovers’ who want and expect something extra when quenching their thirst. With Ribena Frusion Art Infusions, we want to quench a growing desire for creative activities infused with feel-good fun. Anyone who’s seen Lords of Strut perform knows this will be an art class unlike any other.”

Tickets for the Ribena Fusion Art Infusions painting class hosted by Lords of Strut on February 27th can be purchased here, while tickets last:

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