About Me

Catherine Duggan

A personal and business mentor

When people get together to share ideas, set goals and solve problems – magic happens.

However, that first step can be daunting. Reaching out to someone who will listen and that you can trust helps.  Sharing your ideas opens up new possibilities. Your ideas start to take shape and become more real.

Now is time to set the wheels in motion to learn, grow and flourish.

Let’s make the magic happen!

Catherine has been a contributor to Irish Tech News for several years. She has attended and written about many IT and digital conferences. Her interviews with Irish entrepreneurs and corporate clients have also been published. Her articles reach a wide audience and are popular with our readers.

Irish Tech News now get over 1.5 million monthly views, and 900k monthly unique visitors, from over 160 countries. We have over 860,000 relevant followers on Twitter on our various accounts and were recently described as Ireland’s leading online tech news site and Ireland’s answer to TechCrunch. Catherine has helped add to the growth of these statistics.

Her passion and educational background in science, entrepreneurship, enterprise, IT, innovation and digital have given her a broad base from which to understand and successfully report on these sectors.

She keeps her finger on the pulse of the Irish startup sector and likes to help and share her knowledge with people on their journeys to success.

Editor in Chief Irish Tech News | CryptocoinNews
Simon Cocking

My Brief Life Story

I was born into a large family of four brothers and one sister. When I was entering the workforce the ‘best’ jobs for girls were in the Civil Service or office work. How things have changed!

For several years I worked in the public and private sectors. I encounted lots of changes in work practices, culture and technology during that time. Many things have changed for the good, however some have remained the same.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to return to college as a mature student and upskill. I developed a love of learning which stays with me to this day. My mission now is to share my knowledge, help others to discover their potential so that they can flourish and thrive.

It’s so rewarding to collaborate with people, to help them to identify and set their goals and to enable them to live a more meaningful and successful lives.

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