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Brendan Fitzpatrick

I collaborated with Catherine when setting up my first two businesses (Global SCM Solutions and Startup The objective was to create websites that gave my business an essential digital presence that strongly promoted my service offerings to customers. Another key task was to provide an effective social media presence for both myself and my businesses.

Through research of best practice for industries and professions in my space, and also taking account of my own strengths and USP, we managed to achieve great websites and social media strategies that have been extremely successful.

Catherine is an inspiring person to work with. Not only is she so knowledgeable of business requirements, but her innovative approach encourages you to really be creative in finding the optimum solutions.

I continuously recommend Catherine, particularly to new start-ups. She has a unique ability to help customers identify clearly what is needed to promote their businesses. Her exceptional digital skills also help to maximise their success.

Management Consultant, Mentor, Trainer & Owner, Global Supply Management Solutions and Startup

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