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Tech for Good: Dublin Tech Summit Virtual launches new ‘Giveback Initiative’ to help hospitality workers

Organisers offer free tickets to those furloughed or in unemployment to highlight infinite opportunities a career in tech provides

Dublin Tech Summit Virtual has today, announced the launch of its new Giveback Initiative which aims to help those in the hospitality sector who have either been furloughed or left unemployed due to COVID-19. Ireland’s largest tech conference Dublin Tech Summit Virtual takes place online on the 14th of October. Through the new DTSV Giveback Initiative, those involved in the hospitality sector can avail of complimentary tickets to gain unique insights into the exciting opportunities the tech sector provides.

According to a recent report by DIGI, due to coronavirus over 100,000 hospitality jobs could be lost by the end of this year. In addition to this, figures from the CSO show the unemployment rate in Ireland currently stands at 14.7%. With Government figures revealing 80,000 top tech professionals are currently in employment throughout Ireland and a further 8,000 IT jobs are set to open each year, the Irish tech sector continues to thrive despite the pandemic. The launch of the DTSV Giveback Initiative coincides with yesterday’s announcement of the Skills Connect programme which aims to reskill workers who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Over 5,000 people are expected to log in to Dublin Tech Summit Virtual, with 80 key speakers from over 70 countries taking part. Attendees can gain insights from world-class speakers into pivots and new avenues, entrepreneurship, the future of work and support for startups. The aim of DTVS is to help drive innovation and entrepreneurship globally.

World-class speakers include:

  • Harry D. Moseley, CIO of Zoom

  • Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Co-Founder of H Robotics

  • Fig O’Reilly, Miss Universe Ireland & Datanaut NASA

  • Tim Draper, Draper VC

  •  Bryan Che, Chief Strategy Officer, Huawei

Those involved in hospitality can register for free tickets by clicking on the following LINK.

They can also register by visiting (please not using the code DTSHospitality.

Speaking about Dublin Tech Summit Virtual Summit’s new Giveback Initiative, Managing Director Tracey Carney says:

“We are fully aware of the hardship the hospitality sector is continuing to face during COVID-19  as we move from one phase to the next. With Ireland the leading tech hub of Europe and the sector providing endless opportunities, we felt it was only right to offer something to people who are currently reconsidering their career options and may feel at a loose end. Through this initiative, DTSV aims to provide those involved in hospitality with unique insights into careers in tech with talks on entrepreneurship, exploring pivots and new avenues, the future of enterprise and supporting startups.”

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