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Magnet Networks launch first Siro Business Broadband Service

Photo: Stephen Brewer, Managing Director Ireland, Magnet Networks.

Magnet Networks have today (Mon Jan 20) launched the first business broadband service on Siro – offering significantly higher upload speeds than currently available on the market.

The broadband provider now offers a symmetric service tailored to connectivity-reliant businesses on Siro of up to 1gb download and 1gb upload, including a fixed IP address.

“This business class symmetric service is not actively available on the market and is a significant step up from the standard service on Siro,” said Magnet Networks Ireland Managing Director Stephen Brewer.

“15% of the 242,000 doors passed by Siro are businesses, many of whom need the consistent speeds and guaranteed uploads that Magnet Networks can now offer.”

The Magnet Networks package will be priced from €277 per month for 100gb to €577 for the 1gb symmetric service, and includes Cisco equipment.

Magnet Networks recently introduced Ireland’s first single connectivity marketplace, becoming the first provider to grant one-stop access to all business broadband options offered by every major network operator in Ireland.

“Launching on Siro further expands us as Ireland’s largest connectivity network. We will be offering high speeds, reliability and a business service back-up which is not available on the market at the moment,” said Mr Brewer.

“With one call, we guarantee we can instantly tell a business every service that is available to their premises from all operators – and we will have a solution no matter where they are in the country.”

To guarantee this solution, Magnet Networks have also announced the launch of Broadband Anywhere – a new mobile product which will enable businesses on low speeds to significantly upgrade their connectivity anywhere in the country.

Operating on a separate platform using next-generation 4G IoT technology, Broadband Anywhere provides Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to virtually every business in Ireland.

“Broadband Anywhere is great news for companies who are currently struggling with a very basic or no connection,” said Mr Brewer.

“If your business is within coverage of a mobile phone signal, then we can connect you via an external 4G aerial, giving everyone in your business greatly enhanced broadband access.

“The product will not only deliver for rural businesses but also provides a low-cost high-capacity back-up service to companies for whom continuity of supply is key – especially as cloud services expand.”

Broadband Anywhere is priced according to usage. The basic package will start at €55 for 100gb, rising to €85 for 600gb.

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